Since November 2022 I have written Circle of Blue's weekly newsletter, The Stream, in which the world's biggest freshwater stories are explained and contextualized: droughts, floods, landslides, sanitation, disease, dams, mining, Indigenous water rights, fishing, farming, wildlife, research, shutoffs, treaties, violence, Day Zero scenarios, and more.
It is my responsibility to center a wide diversity of geographies, knowledge systems, and water trends. Through audits of my own writing, I aim to hold myself accountable to this value. Through March 2024, water news from 100 countries and territories have been represented at least once in The Stream. Here is an interactive breakdown:
North American water news comprises the largest share of the newsletter's content. Here is a closer look at how the continent's coverage breaks down by region:
Several dozen countries, across all six habitable continents, have been represented at least three times. Here are the 33 most-represented countries:
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