Christian Thorsberg is a writer from Chicago. 
He earned his BSJ ('21) from Northwestern University while double majoring in creative writing (poetry); and his MSJ ('22), concentrating in health, science and environmental journalism. For his work, Christian has received two Best of Medill awards ('20 and '21), the William T. Faricy Award for Poetry ('21) and was honored to represent Northwestern at Columbia College's Citywide Poetry Festival ('21).  
In his writing, Christian enjoys exploring  environmental and cultural phenomena which often appear slow or invisible. The themes of masculinity, friendship, fatherhood, and collective memory dominate his poetry and fiction.
His career thus far has included stays with Sierra Magazine, WFMT Chicago, the now-defunct Grid News, and the American Writers Museum. Currently, he is a photographer and reporter with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in Alaska, and writes two newsletters for Circle of Blue. 
Christian has followed stories into the Olympic Peninsula's gorgeous mosaic of emeralds and blues; lightning storms in Alabama's Tornado Alley;  caribou migrations along the Arctic Ocean; and the nooks, curios and neighborhood spaces warmed so dearly and lovingly by Chicago's many heartfolds, handclasps and footsteps.

"The earth is round; let us not be too attached, then, to directions."
                                                                                        - Olga Tokarczuk, Flights
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